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Sumitoyo Learning Centre is based on the principal that students learn at their own pace. Education starts with seeing things from their perspective. We emphasise on individual learning abilities, and our teaching is adjusted to the performance level of every student.

Our centre teaches and tutors children between the ages of 3 to 14 on basic learning skills. There are more than 2.5 million children enrolled in our programme worldwide, and we are the leading provider of Math and English enrichment. A variety of educational methods integrating both online and offline programmes are used. We believe in building a solid foundation for the lifelong pursuit of knowledge.

Our programme is the key to self directed learning. We nurture:

• Problem Solvers

• Critical Thinkers

  • Lifelong Learners

Sumitoyo Learning Centre : Services
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We use a systematic and customised programme, that utilises a unique and proven learning method. This allows for every child to have a customised starting point based on their abilities, regardless of their age or school grades. Every child’s study progression is based on their own learning pace.


Our programme is focused on building a student’s foundation in Math and English. We also aim to help them gain self confidence and a lifelong interest in learning, as well as developing critical thinking and analytical skills.

Child Doing Art Activity
Kids Running


All concepts and skills in the programme are interrelated. Mastery of basic foundational skills is necessary before advancing further. This results in the improvement of a child’s accuracy and speed when completing more complex questions.

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